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Welcome to Cloche Brasserie

Welcome to Cloche Brasserie, a local fine dining restaurant specialising in English cuisine based in Chobham, Surrey. Our carefully crafted dishes and elegant ambiance create a dining experience like no other. Join us to indulge in the rich flavors of English cuisine.

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Meet Our Head Chef Charles Conroy, Re-Imagining English Cuisine

At Cloche Brasserie, our Head Chef Charles Conroy brings an innovative yet simplistic, flavour-focused approach to English cuisine, infusing traditional flavours with modern techniques. With a passion for culinary excellence, Charles & his team ensures that each dish is a masterpiece, delighting our guests with every bite.

Immerse yourself in the rich and flavorful experience of English cuisine at Cloche Brasserie. Each plate tells a story of dedication and creativity.


Elevate Your Dining Experience

Exquisite Tasting Menu 

Delight in our exquisite tasting menu, featuring a symphony of flavors that celebrate the essence of English culinary artistry.

The Tudor Bar

Indulge in the finest selection of Drinks at our exclusive Tudor bar. Each spirit is picked meticulously to quench every thirst.

Ask the bartender about the Six Wives.

Private Dining

Savor the art of Cloche Brasserie Cuisine with our bespoke dining experiences, Chef Charles will expertly craft a menu to suit any of your needs.

Reserve a Table

To help us find the best table for you, select the preferred party size, date, and time of your reservation.

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